Shuttle is helping the best companies engage and retain their talent by empowering their employees to save.

Our financial wellness savings platform offers automatic ways to save, employer contributions, and 1% cash back.

A Modern Benefit

Shuttle lets employees setup personalized goals and then empowers them to automatically save using Round Ups and recurring deposits. Employers are able to contribute towards goals to engage and retain their talent. All savings earn 1% cash back.

Here's what today's employees are actually saving for...

For Modern Employees

Today's employees are less interested in saving for something 40 years away, and more interested in experiencing life's adventure in the short term -- which is why smart employers know that providing shorter term incentives is key to engaging and retaining talent. 

With Modern Results

The simplicity, flexibility and inclusiveness of Shuttle means that there’s very little handholding needed for employers to realize incredibly strong participation. 

Here's how Shuttle's opt-in enrollment rates compare with national enrollment rates of other benefits...


Shuttle helps our employees save for what matters most to them. I couldn't think of a more inclusive or engaging benefit.


-Nick Green, CEO of Thrive Market  

"A benefit that helps employees save money? There's an app for that"

How it Works

Why Shuttle?

The Financial Wellness Benefit for Today’s Employees

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*Funds up to $2,500 are eligible to earn 1% cash back.
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