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Automatically save for what you care about most.

Start realizing your goals today with your employer's help!

OR if you've already received an invite from your employer, download the app.

Say goodbye to boring checking accounts and say hello to automatic, goal-based saving.

Saving money is hard, especially when you don't have the context of what you're saving for! That's why Shuttle allows you to create goals and then save for them without thinking about it. 


Supercharge your savings with your employer's help. 

Think of Shuttle like a 401(k), but for your savings. Employers can offer a contribution or a match and you get to reap the extra savings. 


Simple. Flexible. Inspired.

How it works.

You setup savings goals you care about…
… then setup easy, automatic methods to save. 
Employers can contribute directly towards your goals.

Encrypted & Secure

Shuttle accounts are FDIC insured up to $250,000. In addition, we utilize bank level security, 256 bit encryption (in transit & at rest) and conform to all banking regulations.

Personalize for the win.

Your Shuttle goals should be as unique as you are. So whether your savings for that trip you've always wants to take, or a wedding, or your first house, or your second house... Shuttle gives you the inspiration and flexibility to realize your short and long term goals. Think of it like your road to winning.  

Ready to start saving?



Download the App once you've received your employer's invitation. 

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