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Build Employee Wellness, One Goal at a Time

Maximize engagement, productivity & retention by helping your employees save for today's needs.

Shuttle provides Savings Assistance, a new kind of employee benefit.

"A benefit that helps employees save money? There's an app for that"

Help your employees save for life's goals.
Whether it's an emergency fund or charity donation, Shuttle lets employers help their employees save for the things they care about most — and provides the option of contributing to their goals alongside them. Happy employees are the most productive employees.

Why Shuttle?

Did you know that 70% of American workers are not engaged at work? Offering a tangible benefit that creates happier employees is a no brainer when it comes to upping employee engagement.
Happy employees are 12% more productive which creates growth for your business. Giving employees a self-directed wellness benefit is a powerful step towards enabling them to be more focused in the workplace.
Average tenure for today's youngest professionals is 1.3 years. Increasing retention by framing your company as a thought-leader in employee wellness is both key to company performance, but also to your company's bottom line.
How it Works
Employees setup savings goals they care about…
… then setup easy, automatic methods to save. 
Employers can contribute directly towards goals.


70% of HR professionals say financial issues affect employee performance.
Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), “Financial Wellness in the Workplace,” May 2014


Real, Measurable Results
Having transparency into program KPIs and performance is fundamental to offering effective benefits, which is why we made them accessible, right from the App.
Shuttle offers unique, best-in-class features and technology that stand out from other offerings:


100% Inclusive Benefit
Most employee benefits aren’t 100% inclusive. This creates disparity amongst employees and a constant guessing game for employers trying to incentivize their talent. High participation and satisfaction rates correlate to high ROI and a happier work force.


Safe & Secure
Shuttle accounts are FDIC insured up to $250,000 per employee. In addition, we utilize bank level security, 256 bit encryption (in transit & at rest) and conform to all banking regulations.


Today's employees live, eat and sleep with their phones, so it makes sense to engage them with a mobile-first wellness App that they'll actually care about.


Like employees, every organization is unique, which is why we made Shuttle customizable to suit your specific needs. Need to implement eligibility criteria? No problem. Need to limit types of goals? You're all set.
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